iCandy World Limited is committed to preserving the privacy of all visitors to www.icandyworld.com. Please read the following Privacy Policy to understand how we use and protect the information that you provide to us.

By using our Site you consent to the collection, use and transfer of your information under the terms of this Privacy Policy.

1. Definitions

1.1 The following words and expressions have the following meanings unless inconsistent with the context:

"Compliance Officer" - Catherine Payne, iCandy World Ltd Montgomery Way, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 8UB, catherine@icandyuk.com

"Cookies" - a small amount of data sent from the server, which is then stored on your computer's hard disc drive;

"DPA" - Data Protection Act 1998 as amended;

"Data Processors", "Personal Data", "Process" or "Processing", "Sensitive Personal Data" - as defined in the DPA;

"Site" - www.icandyworld.com;

"We", "Us" or "Our" - iCandy World Limited a company registered in England and Wales, registered office Montgomery Way, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 8UB; and

"You", "Your" - an individual, company, or firm accessing our Site.

2. Introduction

2.1 This Privacy Policy is a statement as to how we shall process your personal data. We take the security and privacy of you and your personal data very seriously and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy on line. Please be aware that communications over the internet, such as emails, are not secure unless they are encrypted. We do not accept any responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss of personal data beyond our control. You may access most areas of our Site without registering with us. Certain areas of our Site may only be open to you if you register.

2.2 Our primary reasons for collecting your personal data are to address enquiries which you may make on our Site from time to time, to register products you've purchased from one of our retailers, to provide brochures to you on your request and to provide you with the most efficient service possible. We do not anticipate collecting or processing sensitive personal data about you.

2.3 This Privacy Policy may change from time to time so please check it periodically.

2.4 Our Site contains links to other websites. Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of the websites linked to our Sites and advise you to read the privacy statements of each website you visit which collects personal information.

3. Our Policy for Processing your Personal Data

3.1 What personal data do we process and where do we get it from?

3.1.1 when you submit your details on the Site in the forms provided to contact us, request a brochure or register a product on our Site we will collect personal data from you;

3.1.2 when you contact us by post, e-mail or telephone we may collect personal data from you;

3.1.3 personal information may also be obtained automatically by your internet browser;

3.1.4 the types of personal data which we may collect from you could include, for example, your name, your contact details (such as your address, telephone number and email address), and other information collected through the forms provided on our Site for you to contact us, request a brochure or register a product; and

3.1.5 we may also collect non-personally identifiable information about your visit to our Site through the use of cookies. This information may include, for example, the pages which you browse. This information helps us to better manage and develop our Site.

4. What do we do with your Personal Data?

4.1 We will process your personal data so that:

4.1.1 we can deal with the general queries you raise from time to time on our Site, by post, by email or by telephone;

4.1.2 we can provide you with a brochure when requested by you on our Site, by post, by email or by telephone;

4.1.3 we can register products to you.

4.2 Other purposes for which we may process your personal data are:

4.2.1 the general administration of your records by us;

4.2.2 the general maintenance of our database and records by us;

4.2.3 for security purposes to protect your personal data held and/or processed by us;

4.2.4 [for training our employees in respect of providing our service to you;]

4.2.5 for our general marketing purposes where you have notified us that you are happy for the time being to receive information about us and our products and offers.

4.3 When you enter our Site, your computer will automatically be issued with a cookie. Cookies in themselves do not identify the individual user, just the computer used. Many websites do this whenever a user visits their website in order to track traffic flows. If you wish to reject our cookie, you can configure your browser to do so (see Condition 10 below), alternatively you can ask your internet browser to alert you when a cookie is being set up.

4.4 You acknowledge that by providing personal data to us, you consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

5. Who else gets to see your Personal Data?

5.1 Our data processors, who may be our employees or sub-contractors.

5.2 [Such marketing companies used by us from time to time.]

5.3 Other companies which are part of the group of companies which we may be part of from time to time.

6. Your Rights

6.1 You have the right to object to your personal data being used for 'direct marketing' and/or 'host mailing' purposes (see Conditions 4.2.5 and 5.2 above). You can change your options in relation to the information you wish to receive at any time by contacting our Compliance Officer in writing by post or email.

6.2 As mentioned above you can set your internet browser to refuse cookies or you can ask your internet browser to alert you when a cookie is being set up (see Condition 10).

6.3 You have the right under the DPA to request from us information as to what personal data we are processing about you. Such requests should be made in writing by post [or email] to the Compliance Officer and should be accompanied by a £10.00 fee. We will provide you with the relevant information within 40 days of receipt of the fee.

6.4 You have other rights under the DPA in relation to our processing of your personal data.

7. Maintenance of your personal data

7.1 We are committed to the security of your personal data. All of our employees and sub-contractors with access to your personal data and/or who are associated with the processing of that data are contractually obliged to respect the confidentiality of your personal data.

7.2 We have implemented technology measures and security policies to protect the personal data that we have in our control from unauthorised access, improper use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction or accidental loss.

8. General application of our Privacy Policy

8.1 This Privacy Policy only applies to the collection and use of your personal data provided to us and not to personal data you may provide directly to third parties (including but without limitation directly to third party operators of any website which may be linked to our Site). Any third parties will have their own policies in respect of processing personal data you provide to them and/or your personal data that we may disclose to them in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

9. Contact information

9.1 If you have any queries about our processing or use of your personal data you should write, in the first instance to our Compliance Officer.

9.2 If you want to learn more about your rights regarding your personal data, you should contact the Information Commissioner's office information line on: (0044) 01625 545745 or visit their website at www.ico.gov.uk.

10. Cookies

10.1 Information on how to block cookies can normally be found within the help features of your browser. Information can also be found on the main browser websites:

http://www.microsoft.com (Internet Explorer)

http://www.opera.com (Opera)

http://www.mozilla.org (Firefox)

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