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iCandy Apple Shields Child from Impact

Added: 22 September 2011
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The lifesaving iCandy apple
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We were both shocked and thankful to hear how our iCandy Apple pushchair withstood the impact of a moving car recently, saving the child strapped in the buggy from injury.

Mum Nina Nguyen from Santa Cruz, was at a friend's house about to go for a walk, when her friend's car started rolling backwards towards her son in his buggy. With her friend’s baby in her arms, Nina still managed to get to her son with just enough time to tip the pushchair on its side before the car struck!

Nina’s quick thinking and the durability of our Apple certainly saved her son from potential tragic consequences, and the Apple only sustained minimal damage.

This is certainly testament to the quality of our products - although hopefully you won’t need to test them to the same degree!

Click here to find out more about the ‘life-saving’ Apple .

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