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£400 in John Lewis vouchers for our 2nd placed winner!

Ajouté: 12 July 2013
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Lucy Richards and her daughter outside John Lewis in Welwyn Garden City.
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There are just two prizes left in our John Lewis winning windows competition, and just two stores in the running - Welwyn Garden City and Oxford Street, London. Did you send in a photo of yourself in front of our iCandy Peach Jogger display at one of these stores?

Well we are delighted to reveal that the second place runner up prize of £400 of John Lewis vouchers goes to a very lucky lady from Welwyn Garden City by the name of Lucy Richards!

We were very impressed with Lucy and her daughter’s celebration of our 80th anniversary and our British heritage, so a big thank you and congratulations to them!

So we now know that the 1st place winner of our competition visited our Oxford Street store - could it be you?

Find out tomorrow!

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