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A Mother's Intuition

Aggiunta: 14 settembre 2011
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Nina and her son, Jack
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iCandy would like to honor Santa Cruz mom, Nina Nguyen, for her quick thinking and motherly instincts. Nina was recently at a friend's house about to go on a walk, when her friend's car started rolling backwards.

Nina was left with no options as she held her friend's baby in one hand and had her own little one strapped into their iCandy Apple.

With no other alternative, she quickly tipped her iCandy to use it as a shield for her son. The Apple was so durable that it withstood minimal damage and Nina's son was left without even a scratch in the end.

iCandy is pleased to announce that everyone made it out safe and sound. Nina's story certainly struck a chord with us here at iCandy, and we wanted to recognize her for the courageous effort she displayed during such a terrifying moment.

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