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North Lincolnshire Welcomes the iCandy Strawberry preview tour

Hinzugefügt: 26 Mai 2011
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Lullaby's Baby Den, Scunthorpe
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Since taking over Lullabys 3 years ago our aim was to bring high quality products accompanied with our own high levels of service and all round customer satisfaction to the forefront...

The iCandy brand fulfils that requirement to the letter, when you see the iCandy logo you know you are buying innovative products made to the highest standard and made from only the highest quality materials. iCandy like ourselves pride themselves on their outstanding levels of customer service & care, which all our customers appreciate and help to spread the word.

Since taking over Lullaby's, products like the Peach, apple and cherry have helped gear us up for success, and have customers travelling far and wide to our family run business to make that special purchase.

Having said all of the above Lullaby's is absolutely thrilled to have been given this opportunity to showcase the iCandy strawberry and peach special edition. The strawberry will be instore from 26th may until 1st June and the special edition will be in on the 26th may for the afternoon only.

Due to the high demand in customer interest we will be celebrating the launch with our very own iCandy themed party instore.

Finally as we continued to trade in these uncertain times, we are pleased to be continuing our partnership with such an iconic brand as iCandy and long may the success continue.

Visit the Lullaby's website at

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