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New product delivery date release

Hinzugefügt: 2 September 2011
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Dear Consumer

Due to unforeseen circumstances with the production on the Strawberry, Peach Special Edition and Peach Jogger, our production has been delayed. At iCandy we strive to produce the best quality products and if any part of these products does not meet our high standards we will delay the production to ensure you receive only the best quality.

We do know this is causing inconvenience to our Retailers and Consumers and we offer our sincere apologies to all who have been affected.

To avoid any further disappointment, and to allow for any future issues that may cause a delay in production, we will be releasing these products by the end of 2011.

As we have confirmed launch dates, we will release this information to our Consumers and Retailers, so please keep in contact with your local iCandy retailer, and check the iCandy website and Facebook page for updates.

Again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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