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icandystyle – The Party of the Weekend!

Hinzugefügt: 9 August 2010
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Wow! This mum and over 50 other mums from all over the country had a blast this Saturday getting primped at Hair Rules for our summer party hosted by MomTrends and Mamaista.

Thank you Nicole, Elina, Brooke and Maggie!

With special drinks and amazing food served by ‘eye’ candy waiters, mom editors, writers and bloggers got a sneak peak and demonstrations of the Peach and a closer look at the other iCandy prams. These fashion mums LOVED the Flavour Pack! ‘What a brilliant idea’, said one mum blogger. We were also lucky enough to have one uber Dad on hand who brought many of his friends from around the country…Adam of No hair and make-up for him, but plenty of time to become an expert with our pram collection!

Was that Jennifer Garner or Hallie Berry leaving the salon or just fabulous looking mums leaving for the next bash? Every mum looked like a celebrity as they left with perfectly done hair and make-up and an iCandy swag bag in hand – filled with Hair Rules products and adorable swaddling blankets from our friends at Aden & Anais[/l .

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