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iCandy London Limited Edition Information

Hinzugefügt: 5 November 2012
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We have experienced a huge demand from both consumers and retailers requesting the London Limited Edition accessories pack. After this exciting feedback, we have decided to split the accessory pack out from the pushchair and carrycot; meaning the London Limited Edition peach can now be sold in the same way as the World Special Edition peach.

The accessory pack will continue to include the footmuff, changing bag, parasol and clamp, in the unique London Limited Edition fabric and will retail at £325.00.

he pushchair and carrycot will be sold as a package and will retail at £1175.00. The pushchair and carrycot package will continue to include the unique manufacturing number, and certificate of authenticity. The London Limited Edition peach will still be available to purchase as a complete set, and will continue to retail at £1500.00.

We think this is an exciting and positive change to the way the London Limited Edition peach is sold, and will give mums who have fallen in love with the accessories the opportunity to customise their strollers as they may wish.

The IC ordering numbers are listed below for the new options for your convenience.

IC411 - London Limited Edition peach – complete package (pushchair, carrycot, footmuff, changing bag, parasol and peach clamp)

IC417 - London Limited Edition peach - pushchair and carrycot set

IC416 - London Limited Edition accessory pack – including footmuff, changing bag, parasol and peach clamp

If you have any questions in relation to this change, please do not hesitate to contact contact your local iCandy retailer.

With very best wishes to you all, iCandy World Limited.

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