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iCandy attend Mother and Baby Big Hearts Awards, supported by Bliss

Ajouté: 18 janvier 2011
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iCandy attended the Mother & Baby Big Heart Awards on the 12th January at Park Lane Hilton, London. The awards were presented by Mother & Baby acting Editor Kathryn Blundell and Apprentice finalist Saira Khan.

iCandy sponsored the Amazing Dad Award which was won by Michael Gent from Cheshire after his wife Katie nominated him for the award. Here is their touching story:-

The amazing dad award, sponsored by iCandy goes to Michael Gent from Cheshire. Michael is dad to Edward, who is 23 months old, and was nominated by his wife Katie.

Katie wrote and told us that: "It is almost impossible for me to say what a truly brilliant dad Michael is."

"It hasn't been easy for us to have a family. I miscarried our first baby at nine weeks, but got pregnant for a second time in 2007. "

"However, at 21 weeks I started to bleed. Efforts to stop my labour failed, and a week later our daughter, Isabella, was born, weighing just 1lb. Michael held her for a few moments before she passed away. This was something I couldn’t bring myself to do, and I will be eternally grateful that he found the strength to hold her for those precious moments."

"We went through some difficult times after losing Isabella, but with Michael’s love and support I got pregnant again."

"However, at 16 weeks, a scan showed that our baby had a condition which would cause his bowel and stomach to grow outside his body. However, we were reassured that this could be dealt with via a relatively simple operation shortly after his birth."

"Baby Edward arrived prematurely at 29 weeks and six days. He came home after three months and has not been able to have his operations yet due to his prematurity. They will be more complex that we had hoped, and we may lose him, but Michael does everything he can to make sure every day is fun for Edward. He recently offered to change jobs so that we could move to be nearer my family, allowing me to give up work to look after Edward full-time."

"Despite Edward’s difficult start, I know that he idolises his daddy – his eyes light up whenever he hears Michael’s voice. And I love them both more than I can ever say."

Edward is currently in hospital, and so we will be sending his dad his award – and our love.

iCandy would like to say Congratulations and send their best wishes to the Katie, Michael and Edward.

Read more at: http://www.bliss.org.uk/news_item.asp?itemid=2415&section=22

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