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Break in at the iCandy HQ

Ajouté: 26 avril 2012
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Last night iCandy HQ became the third recent iCandy robbery victim. The warehouse was broken into and an amount of iCandy products were stolen from our warehouse! The first victim was Baby Box in Wales, followed on by our Irish distributor’s full iCandy consignment being stolen from the back of a truck and now iCandy HQ itself.

We ask everyone to aid us in catching these culprits by making it difficult for them to sell our stolen iCandy products on. We want everyone to turn in to Miss Marples and use their Facebook and Twitter pages to broadcast what has happened and make life as uncomfortable as possible for these unscrupulous characters!

Please only purchase an iCandy product from an authorised iCandy stockist as purchasing though a non-authorised stockist will mean it will not be sold with a warranty so anything could have been done to them before they are delivered to an unsuspecting recipient. Additionally all iCandy products are serial numbered. iCandy pushchairs and carrycots are not sold online therefore products should not be able to be purchased by online means.

This of course is sad news however we will continue to deliver products to our stockists as quickly as possible.
We understand our products are currently in high demand, we just didn’t realise people were that desperate for iCandy that they would physically go through a brick wall!

If anybody comes across any suspicious selling of iCandy products please email the details into info@icandyuk.com. Thank you, and let’s stop these culprits now!

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