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How to upgrade your Peach pushchair to Peach 2

Added: 15 July 2013
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iCandy Peach Blossom 2
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Upgrade from single to double mode of transport with the iCandy converters.
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The converters allow you to add a Blossom 2 carrycot or additional seat unit.
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Following the introduction earlier this year of our fantastic new iCandy Peach 2 and Peach Blossom 2, we have now removed the old Peach pushchair and carrycot products from our website, and from the end of June 2013 these will no longer be available.

The products and colours affected are the Peach pushchair and carrycot, and Peach Blossom / Twin in the Black Jack, Tomato and Sweet Pea colourways.

The Peach Jogger is unaffected and is still available in all colours - Blackberry, Loganberry, Gumdrop, Avocado, Glacier and Cranberry.

If you currently own an original Peach pushchair and are wanting to convert to a Peach Blossom / Twin, you can still do this by purchasing the Pip converter and Peach 2 upgrade pack, however you will need to choose from one of the gorgeous Peach 2 colour options for your additional seat unit or carrycot - Black Magic, Berry Bon Bon, Silver Mint or Parma Violet.

Please also note:

• For those customers having a Peach pushchair with chassis Batch Numbers up to and including E13698/79, and up to & including serial numbers 00002872, you will be able to upgrade to either the current Peach Blossom or Peach Blossom Twin without any modification to your pushchair. Alternatively you can upgrade with the new Peach Blossom Pip2 system, but can only do this with a modification to your current basket frame and fabric.

• For those customers having an original Peach pushchair with chassis Batch Numbers from E13699/80, and serial numbers 000028273 onwards (date of manufacture 17/07/2011 onwards) you will be able to upgrade to either the current Peach Blossom or Blossom Twin or to the Next Generation Peach Blossom/ Blossom Twin Pip2 system without any further modification as your chassis is already fitted with an amended extended basket frame.

If you have any questions regarding how to upgrade your Peach please see the special FAQ’s in our iCare section of the website.

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