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Tea and Scones with Nigel Barker

Ajouté: 2 November 2010
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Nigel Barker - Picture courtesy of Bellamy Blue. © 2010 www.bellamyblue.com
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iCandy America recently hosted a breakfast event in New York City with Citibabes, a Manhattan-based family membership club, in celebration of noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker’s new book debut.

Barker, who is also star of America’s Next Top Model, has written and published a book entitled Beauty Equation and is currently traveling the world to promote its release. During his travels, he spent some time with the iCandy team while acquiring an iCandy Apple stroller and flavour pack for his daughter.

iCandy donated an iCandy cherry stroller to Baby Buggy, a charity which Nigel supports. Baby Buggy, a 501 c 3 Accredited Charity founded in 2001, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing New York City’s families in need with essential equipment, clothing, and products for their infants and young children.

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