How long is the warranty period?

The Apple and Pear pushchairs all come with a 2 year warranty on any manufacturing faults to the chassis and seat frame. The Seat Fabrics, Carrycots, Carrycot Converter Fabrics, Accessories and PVC Raincovers on all products come with a 6 month warranty period. All warranties start from date of purchase.

Is the carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping?

We recommend that the Apple carrycots are only used for occasional overnight sleeping and not as a substitute moses basket. The carrycots should be used in conjunction with a breathable mattress (sold separately). The Pear carrycots are not suitable for overnight use. The iCandy Peach Carrycots (main, upper and lower) can be used for overnight sleeping.

Is the seat unit suitable from birth?

Both the Apple and Pear seat units pass the Aus standard for newborns as there is an adequate level of recline in the back rest. However for a lay flat solution (which is recommended for the first 6 months when used for prolonged periods of time) iCandy carrycots are available.

What do I use if my child has grown out of the carrycot before 6 months?

The iCandy Seat Units can be used with babies under 6 months only if they have outgrown their carrycot however they must be in the fully reclined position. When the baby can sit up unaided they can be placed in the other available positions.

Are the Seat fabrics and footmuffs washable?

Yes. They can be washed on a cool wash (30 degrees). Do not tumble dry.

Why doesn't my pushchair have viewing panels in the hood when the pictures on the website and in the brochure have them?

We encourage all our customers not only to give feedback on what they love about our products but also what they would like to see changed or improved. Due to this customer feedback the viewing panels are being removed from our products over a set period of time.

Does the Apple/Pear only come in black?

No, The base color of the Apple is black and can be accessorized with our co-coordinating flavour hood, these are available in Aniseed, Chilli, Caviar, Papaya, Raspberry Blue, Cookie and Cassis. There are also matching Luxury footmuffs and parasols in all these colors. The iCandy Apple is available in 7 delicious flavours to bring color and vibrancy to your life. The base color for the iCandy Pear is black but you can accessorize your tandem with our coordinating footmuffs and core seat snuggles (also available for the iCandy Apple).

Can I fold the Apple 2 Pear with the seat unit still attached?

Yes, in both single and double mode the Apple 2 Pear can be folded with the seat units attached. Both in single and double mode the seat units must be forward facing. In double mode you must put the lower seat into the recline position and release the red closing catch.

How do I fold the Apple/Pear Chassis?

There is a choice of 2 methods;

Method 1 - Apply the brake. Press the circular secondary lock button on the left hand side and with your right hand, squeeze the button underneath the top of the handle bar. Simultaneously slide the handle forwards towards the front wheels until you feel the springs disengage. Push down on the handle until completely folded. You will find a securing strap on the left hand side, attach to fasten.

Method 2 - Apply the brake. Place one foot on the brake bar and connect the side of your body with the handle bar. Position your body weight onto the foot placed on the ground. Press the circular secondary lock button on the left hand side and with your right hand squeeze the button underneath the top of the handle bar. At the same time with your body push forwards onto the handle bar towards the front wheels until you feel the springs disengage. Push down on the handle until completely folded.

Are the Seat Fabrics and Footmuffs washable?

Yes. They can be washed on a cool wash. Do not tumble dry.

What are the product weights and dimensions?

Full details of the product weights and dimensions are available on the product detail page. Click here to view our range of products, select your product and then click the "technical information" tab to view product weights and dimensions.

Do I have to pay extra for the Maxi Cosi infant car seat adaptor when buying an Apple 2 Pear?

Yes. Upper and lower adaptors are not included with the pushchair

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my pushchair?

Return to point of purchase along with your proof of purchase. The store will inspect the product in the first instance and then liaise with ourselves at iCandy if action needs to be taken.

If I already own an apple and I am expecting another baby can I turn my apple into a pear?

Yes. Simply by purchasing a Pip Converter kit your Apple can be transformed from a single to a tandem unit. Please note you will also need to purchase a set of carrycot fabrics if you would like to convert one of your Pear seats for a newborn.

If I already own a Peach and I am expecting another baby can I turn my Peach into a Peach Blossom?

Yes. Simply by purchasing the Peach Blossom Converter you can transform your Peach from a single to a tandem unit. You will also need to purchase the lower Carrycot for your newborn.

Do I have to use my stabilizing bars on the apple carrycot when pushing my pram?

No. The Apple carrycot is perfectly safe to use without the aid of the stabilizer bars using them does provide a smoother ride for baby.

Can I attach a buggy board to my iCandy pushchair?

No. This type of attachment could distort the chassis and is not recommended by iCandy for use on any of our pushchairs. The use of such attachments will invalidate your warranty.

Which car seats can be used with iCandy pushchairs?

Maxi Cosi Mico and Maxi Cosi Titan are the only Car Seats that are compatible with the iCandy range of pushchairs.

Where can I find a list of my local dealers?

You can find a list of your local dealers from the 'Find a Dealer' tab on the website.

What is the recommended tyre pressure for the iCandy Apple/Pear rear wheels?

The recommended tire pressure is between 20-22 PSI.

In my instruction manual it states that a pump is included in the box, where can I find it?

The pump is located in a pocket within the back of the shopping basket.

I have a puncture in one of my iCandy Apple/Pear rear wheels, what can I do?

As punctures are not classed as manufacturing faults you can either repair it with a puncture repair kit or obtain a new inner tube that is 12inches by 1.75inches (standard inner tube size). These both can be purchased from either your local iCandy dealer or a hardware/bike shop. If you wish to purchase a new complete wheel you would need to go to a registered iCandy dealer who will be able to provide you with a recommended retail price.

I am going on holiday; do you manufacture a travel bag for the iCandy range?

We do manufacture a travel bag for both the iCandy Apple pushchairs and Carrycots. These can be purchased from all registered iCandy dealers. If you have the iCandy Pear you will be able to purchase the Apple pushchair and Carrycot travel bags as all iCandy pear components will fit into these bags.

How do I fit the Raincovers onto my iCandy?

pushchair rain cover:-
• Place the top of the rain cover over the hood of the pushchair so that the black ridges on the rain cover match the ridges on the hood.
• Pull the rain cover down so that the rain cover goes over and under the footrest.
• Attach the Velcro section found at the middle of the rain cover around the pushchair.
• Finally, attach the Velcro strip round the bottom of the pushchair.

Carrycot rain cover:-
• Like the pushchair rain cover it has ridges on the rain cover that match up to the ridges on the hood of the carrycot. Place the rain cover under the lip of the hood and pull over the hood so the ridges match up.
• On the sides of the rain cover there are holes to place the carrycot adaptors through. Place the adaptors through these holes.
• Pull rain cover over the rest of the carrycot
• Once over the lip of the carrycot the rain cover can be pulled right down to the bottom of the carrycot to protect the whole carrycot.
• On the top of the rain cover there is a Velcro flap, so when you want to carry the carrycot you can undo the Velcro and get to the handle on the hood.

When the rain covers first come out of the box they can be a bit creased and can be stiff to go onto either the seat unit or carrycot, so you might want to iron out the creases with a hair dryer or put them near a radiator.

I have purchased the iCandy Pear for toddler and newborn. I'm wanting to use it as a single pushchair, is this possible?

The iCandy Pear can be used as a single pushchair if you use the upper (blue) seat unit. It is only designed to be rearward facing but you can unscrew the adaptors and swap them round which will make the pushchair face forwards. This must be turned back when using the pip converter as this can invalidate the warranty as it hasn't been safety tested.

When can I use the jogger wheel attachment?

With the seat unit on the apple or when the pear is being used as a single pushchair without the PIP frame. (Not with the carrycot on the apple or with the  PIP on the Pear)

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